Fun running blogs: The guys

The best running blogs by men

There are tons of great running blogs by women. But let's not forget the awesome sites by our male counterparts. There are literally millions to choose from, but we have a few favorites. Below is a list of some of the best running blogs by men. 

Old Man Running is one of the most unique blogs out there. If this page doesn't inspire you, nothing will. The "old man" is Allen Leigh, a 76 year-old athlete from Salt Lake City who has been running for almost four decades. You won't find a million race reports and tons of product reviews on this site. Instead, you'll get honest updates about daily fitness activities, a cool training guide, and a simplistically beautiful running philosophy. This site is great for days when you're so sick of running that you feel like giving up. One blog entry by Allen Leigh will have you lacing up, heading out the door and vowing that you'll run for the rest of your life. 

Scott Dunlap's page, A Trail Runner's Blog, takes readers to some of the most fantastic ultramarathons on the planet, from UTMB to the Way Too Cool 50K. If ultras aren't your thing, there are plenty of road race and bike race reports, too. Dunlap scores major points for amazing images and brief, uplifting entries that are nothing short of inspiring. The blog is updated frequently, so check back often. You'll be glad you did. 

The Running Man is the creation of ultra runner Wyatt Hornsby. The writing on this page exudes self-confidence, and that's appropriate from a guy like Hornsby, who's completed over 40 marathons and ultramarathons and has logged 12 top-five finishes. You'll find the usual running blog fare here, from race reports and products reviews to tips for beginners. The most unique aspect of Hornby's page are the special posts dedicated to Leadville. The writing is entertaining and engaging, with a get-off-your-duff-and-run attitude. And we all could use a little of that every now and then. 

Angry Jogger is one of the most meticulously organized blogs on the web, with tips for beginners, running inspiration, and lots of candid and honest stories about how Matt (the owner of Angry Jogger) went from obese to athlete by running. The best part of this blog, however, is its biting and often irreverent humor. (i.e., On taking too long in an outhouse at a race, Matt wonders,  "What if they think I'm wanking?", and asks himself whether it's better to finish a half marathon or not piss yourself on a bus). If the text doesn't make you laugh, the images will. Most notable? A picture of a poodle (the kind of "rat dog" that Matt insists should be deported to Belarus) and a rubber ducky Matt found in his hotel, uploaded ... just because. Hilarious and fun. 

As always, finding the best running blogs is a nearly impossible and totally subjective task. There are so many great sites to choose from, and not nearly enough space to cover them all. So many wonderful blogs are missing from this list. For more of the best running blogs by men, just use Google. 

Happy reading. And happy running. 



Images courtesy of Angry Jogger, Old Man Running, The Running Man, A Trail Runner's Blog, and Google stock images.