Beautiful costal views and runs in Coolangatta, Australia

Beautiful costal views and runs in Coolangatta, Australia

Miles of trails and exquisite landscape

Coolangatta is a beautiful town located on the border of the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales. The town is found in the middle of the Gold Coast, and boasts beautiful beach scenery. Known for having great breaks and hosting the Quicksilver Pro surfing competition, Coolangatta is definitely a must-hit destination in Australia. Though the beach is the main draw, the running trails aren’t too shabby either.

Starting from Kirra Beach in the northern part of town, I began my run heading south down the coast. There is a trail that begins near the Kirra Beach Hotel, which follows the ocean all the way throughout Coolangatta. After about 400 meters of flat, the trail starts to incline while heading toward Marine Parade Beach. The path at this point is cement, and while the coastline is beautiful, a larger view of what seems like the entire gold coasts lies ahead.

After making it up the small but long incline, I found myself running through a park above the main Coolangatta Beach. The coast was skinny and flat, and on the other side of the park lay massive skyscraper-style hotels. The park’s length was only about 800M, and after passing through, the cement path turned to wooden planks. From Collangatta to Rainbow Bay, the path becomes narrow as it winds around a cliff. The drop isn’t too small to the sand, but the path does incline once again.

From Rainbow Bay onwards was the most beautiful part of the run. The path continued along the coastline, but as I passed from Rainbow Bay to Snapper Rocks area, there was an incredible lookout area that offers unobstructed views both up and down the Gold Coast. The views each way go for miles, and on a clear day, it seems as if I could see all the way down to the Byron Bay lighthouse.

Though I didn’t stop, this would be the place to take a break if I had needed to stretch or re-tie a shoelace (or any other excuse to stop running and take in the incredible sight). From here I continued up to Snapper Rocks and finished at the top of the hill at Point Danger (which also offers an amazing view of the entire region).

While Coolangatta is a great place to catch some waves, it is also a beautiful place for a run. The path which follows the coast goes for miles, and each direction offers exquisite views. Make sure to pack your running shoes when heading down the Gold Coast to Coolangatta.