Botched runs in Noosa Head, Queensland, Australia

Botched runs in Noosa Head, Queensland, Australia

Research feasible routes before heading out on a jog

For those who have been to Noosa Head in the Australian state of Queensland, you know there are so many descriptive words one can use for recanting tales of the pristine beaches and beautiful beach town. Some may call it paradise, others may call it home, but the fact is, for this runner, I called it deceptively good at keeping me off an actual running trail. Noosa is home to both coastline and freshwater river making its way to the coast. While this would lead one to believe that there are nice cycling and jogging trails lining both, this prospect seemed to evade me.

For my epic failure of a jog, I started near Hastings Street, the main drag on the coast, and headed down Noosa Drive. On my left side were beautiful, multimillion dollar houses lining the river, and to the left were small neighborhoods obstructing my view of the coast. I tried to penetrate the houses lining the river in search of a trail, but this only led me to chain link fences.

I continued down Noosa Drive where I only saw water under bridges on the road. The view stayed pretty much the same until I finally saw a road cutting in toward the coast. As I followed it, I saw a campground and the water, but unfortunately, even running through the campgrounds, no trail lead down the coast. I backtracked once again.

As I began to think that my run in paradise would actually be closer to running in the suburbs, I found what I was looking for. About 3K in a small side street took me to a part of the coast known as Pelican Beach. The coastline was actually on the river, not the ocean, and was followed by a small path that joggers and walkers tended to frequent.

The path was as close to the coast as one could ask for, and it alternated between cement and wood. On the other side of the path were small shops and cafes, packed with locals taking in one of the few nice days that have hit Noosa in the last month. The trail ended about 4K down the beach.

While Noosa Head itself is a beautiful place to visit, make sure you do some research before heading out on a jog or else you’ll end up running streets instead of coastline. Noosa is too beautiful to spend your time aimlessly running around the suburbs.