The coastal run from Kiama

The coastal run from Kiama

Friendly town, beautiful beaches and kilometers of trails

Costal runs are in large abundance in Australia. With the east coast hosting the majority of the population, as well as tourists, runners seem to have their pick of tracks and trails lining the ocean. While some are vibrant, beautiful and inspiring, others are simple concrete paths that boast a scenic view. The coastal run from Kiama to Gerringong is definitely the latter.

Kiama is a small town about 200 km south of Sydney. Though it does gain some attention due to its natural blowhole attracting tourists, the town isn’t on most travelers’ radars. This could be a mistake. The coastal track that runs from Kiama to Gerringong is a beautiful 7 km long path that is created on the ancestral land of the Wodi Wodi tribe. Near the head of the trail at Kiama, there are two poles and a sign talking about the indigenous tribe’s use of the land.

I startedmy run near the beach entrance at Gerringong. The run begins near the Gerringong Lagoon, where a small spit of sand led me to the beginning of a hilly, grassy trail. The initial ascent is hidden from the actual coast, but once I summated the first hill, I was stunningly rewarded. The view for the entirety of the trail is made up of beautiful green rolling hills. Coastal cliffs line the side of the trail, and between the two towns it seems as if you are all alone, living in a secluded hill town on the coast.

The path, as I blazed down the coastal trail, was wide enough for multiple hikers and runners, and was always made up of soft material. With it not being paved, the trail fluctuated between grass, dirt and sand. At one hill’s base, there was even a small rocky area where the grass was overrun by coastal cliff.

At one point in my run, I thought to myself that the trail matched my idyllic belief of what the coast of Ireland looks like. With the early morning fog having yet to lift, and the cool air smacking against my shirtless body, I felt like I was on an entirely different continent. I also thought about how the Coastal run would make a phenomenal cross country course.

If you find yourself in or around the Sydney area and you need a break from the city, Kiama isn’t a bad place to head. The town is friendly, the beaches are beautiful and the coastal trail is absolutely breathtaking.