A glimmer of hope admist a tragedy

A glimmer of hope admist a tragedy

Runners finish final mile of Boston Marathon

When the bomb blasts went off around the 4-hour mark of the Boston Marathon, it seemed as if the world went silent. I know for myself, half a world away, hearing the news about Boston was devastating. International sporting events such as this are created to unite people of all cultures and look past our physical boundaries. People are united through hard work, strength, and competition, and regardless of where they come from, they have the same chance to compete as every other competitor toeing the line with them. The bomb blasts that hit the Boston finish were heard around the world, and while the mourning still hasn’t ceased for the victims, the strength showed by Boston and the world hasn’t ceased either.


This week, under the moniker of OneRun, thousands of Boston runners who didn’t finish the marathon, due to the blasts, took to the streets. Armed with 3 American flags and 1 Chinese flag to honor the victims, the masses finished the final mile of the marathon in an attempt to reclaim the event, and honor those who were affected.  The group ran together, hoisting the slogan “We’ll get our finish.” Along with the group in Boston, 35 other runners of the Boston Marathon will be given the opportunity to have a ceremonial finish in Indiana at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday.


According to Alain Ferry, the event organizer of the run, “It was very emotional to run down this street and see all the people cheering.” OneRun spokeswoman and founder told the media that this event was held to honor “...the victims and emergency service personnel who helped in the aftermath of April 15.” She also stated that, “For runners who didn’t get the chance to finish the marathon, this is the chance for them to experience the final mile that was taken away from them.” 


The tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon was the act of the Tsarnaev brothers, who are Chechnya nationals. While one brother was killed in a shootout with police, the other brother, Dzhokhar, was captured and remains in custody. According to Dzhokar, his senseless act of violence was “retribution for the US-led wars in Iraq and Afgahistan, and the victims were collateral damage.”


While the scene in the aftermath of the April 15th bombing in Boston was horrific, the OneRun event brought closure for many close to the event. According to Ferry, “There were a lot of tears, and I can feel in my throat that there are going to be more. This was a scab for everyone that was not healing.”