An Idyllic Run

An Idyllic Run

The morning would be crisp and cool. Although the weather in the afternoon starts to become blistering, the first steps taken are laced with a slight chill. As I approach the trailhead on foot, I see no one near me. I look down the path and can only see a few hundred meters ahead of me, but it is made up of soft, packed, brown dirt.

As I begin to make my way down the trail, the first hairpin turn opens up to a view of the well-matched foe I’m facing. The panoramic shot shows me a slightly declining path that begins to traverse a tall, hilly beast. As my legs charge up it, the valley starts to thin, and the path returns to rolling hills on switchbacks. They stack up on top of one another like a set of step stairs, and I continue to grind to the right and left. As the air begins to get a bit warmer, my shirt is removed and tied around my waist. The elevation opens up a new view to my side as I continue to run the look-alike staircase.

As I get to the plateau, the path opens once again, I see myself on a flat long dirt path. This traverse leads to another hill, and the brown dirt path is surrounded by rich greenery. When the path finds its way to the second mountain, trees begin to pop up and shade its weathered face. It beings to wind through a forest, and ever so often a glimpse of wild life can be seen.

At the end of the forest, the trail finds itself at the base of the final ascent. The path winds, but does not turn like its previous manifestations. It is up to the runner to look up at the final plateau while pounding up the steep and long incline.

At the top of the final ascent, I can look down at the surrounding landscape, to the city that basks in the shade of the mountain. Across the plateau, a steep path leads me down the other side. As it zig zags down towards the trailhead, air begins to grow warmer and the sweat beats down my face. When the path finally decides on a consistent elevation, it weaves around the backside of a hill back to where the run began.