Running Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia

Running Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia

Relaxing and scenic island running.
Ah Bali, a place where travelers come to relax, sip on cocktails, do some yoga, and swim, surf and snorkel to their heart’s content. They can even find a dive school here or there if they are interested. While all these aspects are great, a true runner knows they can only enjoy said activities if they can start or end their day with a good jog. Nusa Lembongan is the place to enjoy it all.

While Nusa Lembongan isn’t the most visited destination in and around Bali, the small island of the southwestern coast is quickly becoming a must-see travel destination for all visitors to Bali. For myself personally, I stayed on the western side of the island near the famed surf spot known as “Shipwrecks.” This is a great place to start a run.

Heading out onto the main drag, I went left toward the main “city.” Nusa is real small, so the main area of trade is a small port where daily ships bring excited tourists. The road itself is a small, black tar strip, and while Asia is known for having hectic streets, this one is infrequently visited.

I continued down the street through the main strip, and as I hit the end, the road swerved inward into a decently steep incline. At the apex of the hill there is a fork, with one road heading to the lovely Dream Beach, and the other heading down a path that lead further in land. I decided to head left and keep traversing into the center of the island.

This left turn opened up with a series of turnoffs down dirt paths, with each leading to a network of paths. All the paths led back to one another, criss-crossing through small stores and houses. The path finishes up dead ending at the ruins of an ancient place of worship (I think it was too small to call it a temple) backed by an amazing view of the coast line. I stopped here to take in the surroundings, then turned to continue on my run.

After backtracking on the dirt paths, I decided to head down the hill toward the other side of the island. With Nusa being so small, I found myself on the coastline of the east side before I knew it. Here, one can take a suspension bridge to a smaller island, boasting cliff jumps and great surf spots. The bridge itself is a pretty incredible sight as well. This is where I made my turn around.

The beauty of running on Nusa is that a lot of the main drag is shaded by overgrowth. The island isn’t very populated, so those running aren’t affected by scooters flying by at rapid speeds. If you find yourself in Bali, and you need a break from the party areas and crazy Aussies, head down to Nusa for some relaxing beach time and relaxing, beautiful runs.