Surprisingly good runs from Kuta in Lombok, Indonesia

Surprisingly good runs from Kuta in Lombok, Indonesia

Where water buffalo are the designated crossing guards

I didn’t expect my morning jog in Kuta, on the island of Lombok in Indonesia, to be all that amazing. In fact, with the heavy scooter traffic, crazy fumes, and people trying to sell you things on the street, I was ready to just tough one out for the sake of getting in a run. While my run was definitely a tough one, the paths in and out of Kuta are great for any body looking to get in a few miles.

I started my run at the curve where the main road intersects with the beach. Most tourists end up spending their time in this area, with many of the restaurants, hotels, and bars are found here. With this normally being a place that sees a lot of traffic, leaving my guesthouse at 7:30 a.m. actually saw me running on the road by myself.

What was interesting about this was trying to navigate the dirt path next to the road. The path was really bumpy, and with the government just putting in the paved road in the last two years, it gave a good look into how Kuta looked before tourism.

After making may way out of Kuta proper, I found myself edging on the beach side of the road on a small path covered by overgrowth. While the path started out following the road, it quickly turned away from the street, making its way around a lagoon near the ocean.

The path was originally paved, but turned to light brown dust and sand, and I shared it with wildlife heading to water for a morning drink. Water buffalo were the designated crossing guards, and while I tried to edge past them, I ended up running in the thorny bushes for a few meters to avoid their sharp horns.

As the path returned to hugging the street, it passed by the Royal Resort, then lead to the most rickety bridge I’d ever run over in my life. The bridge was made out of wood, boasting gaps larger than my size 11 trainers.

The gaps were one thing, but the incomplete cross bars left parts of the bridge lifting up like a teeter-totter, forcing me to oscillate between speeds to not fall off the structure. The reward, though, was a small hill incline to a seaside cliff overlooking all of Kuta and the surrounding area, which also worked as a natural turning point.

While the runs in Kuta are phenomenal, the heat is not. Make sure if you are running in Kuta area, or Indonesia for that matter, to dress appropriately, drink lots of water and lather on the sunscreen. Burns and dehydration are never very fun.