This is the run that makes you a runner

This is the run that makes you a runner

Pushing yourself to run because you truly love it and need it in your life.

It could be that your muscles ache. Maybe you’ve worked a full day, or maybe had a late night, and the last thing you want to do is run. There are no trails, the weather is cold, the sky is still dark and you have a cold. Six in the morning has never felt worse, but the fact is, you are going to do this. You are a runner. You may be a bit crazy, you may have lost it, but you are going to do this.

Why do you do this to yourself? The possibilities are endless. Maybe the fact is you are an addict. You are addicted to the endorphins that accompany you along the way. That runner’s high isn’t something you can just let go of easily. It is innate in you. It courses through your veins and any day that passes without getting out on the trail or the pavement leaves you feeling off. You need this and you know it.

But this day in particular may be different. Today you’re wondering if maybe it’s time to break the habit. The car horns seem to be louder than normal. The air is just a bit cooler. Your bed, pillow and blanket are more inviting than they’ve ever been.

The hours of sleep don’t seem like enough, but without question, without any debate, you go. You fight off the sheets like yolk attaching you to the bed and walk out the door. You fight through the cold; you brave the traffic and the rain, all because you know that you can’t quit. You know that your legs need the pounding, and that the day won’t be complete without.

But why do you do it? Above all else you know that even if other things in your life aren’t where you would like to see them, by stepping out of the house, lacing up your trainers and putting one leg in front of the next, you have accomplished something.

You have seized the day and you have made a positive impact on your health and overall happiness. On top of that, you know full well how tough you are. When you step up to the line in your next race, you may not be the fastest, the strongest or the youngest runner, but you can look to your left and right and now you’ve trained harder than anyone else toeing the start. You deserve to be where you are, and you are ready for any challenge that comes your way.